Did you get your first puppy? Congratulations! That is so exciting. But it is probably also a bit overwhelming as puppies can be full of energy and are still learning everything, literally. This is a big time for growth and knowledge for both puppies and their human parents. This blog attempts to make the transition a bit easier by offering some tips and tricks for new puppy owners, including letting you know what's included in a puppy wellness plan or puppy insurance plan.

Starting Training NOW

Many first-time puppy parents don’t realize that training can begin the minute you get home with your puppy. Your puppy is soaking in so much information every single day. You would be doing yourself and your puppy a disservice by waiting to begin any training. Training does not need to be intense or extended. It can simply involve adding a consistent routine to your puppy’s day.

Housetraining your puppy can begin right away, and often they can be fully house trained by month three or four. At 12-16 weeks, your puppy will finally have more control over its bladder. They can better hold their pee and wait to relieve themselves. The quicker you get them outside to do their business, the easier it will be. The longer your puppy gets used to eliminating in their cage, the longer it will take for them to be housetrained. This is something your dog trainer should help and guide you through.

Choose Technique

When beginning training, the most important thing is to decide on a training technique even before you bring your puppy home. There are a few different training methods, so choosing one and keeping things consistent will help your puppy learn quickly. You should do your research and get your puppy signed up with puppy classes that suit your chosen training method. Different dog trainers have different styles. If a trainer treats dogs in a way that you don’t relate to or feel confident with, they are not the right fit for you.

Consider puppy socialization classes once your puppy has all of its necessary vaccinations. This is not necessarily training but helps your puppy begin to feel comfortable in new environments and around all sorts of people and dogs. Healthy socialization gives your puppy a positive foundation helping to reduce anxiety, fear, and territorial behaviors.

Puppy Proof Your Home

Puppies are full of energy and can be pretty destructive while learning what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s vital to ensure your home environment is safe for them to learn and develop happily and safely. Plus, puppy-proofing can help save you from replacing things your puppy accidentally got into. Puppy proofing should include:

  • Keeping houseplants are out of reach.
  • Electrical cords are all tucked away.
  • Cleaning materials and all chemicals are locked up (avoid automatic toilet bowl gels).
  • Toilet paper, keys, coins, and small items should be put away or left up high.
  • Keep the cat’s litter box inaccessible to the dog.
  • Never leave food or garbage out.

When getting a puppy, you should prepare yourself for something that might go wrong. Whether your puppy won’t stop chewing the furniture or eat something it shouldn’t, this is what Wagmo is here for. If your puppy needs to visit the vet, our puppy insurance plans and puppy wellness plans help cover the expenses. Wagmo helps keep getting a puppy fun covering everything from emergency to routine care costs!

Patience & Loads of Love

Consistency, patience, and loads of praise and love are what will help your puppy learn. Positive reinforcement is by far the best method for training your puppy as it is a method dogs relate to for life. Disciplinary practices are quick fixes and often foster distrust and behavioral problems. Your puppy will not learn everything in a day, so it’s essential to keep consistent with your messaging and actions.

Consider Getting a Great Puppy Insurance Plan

When getting a puppy, one of the first steps is signing up for a puppy insurance plan and a puppy wellness plan. Puppy insurance plans are for emergency illness and injuries and cover things like:

  • Emergency vet services
  • Hospital stays
  • Surgeries
  • Medications
  • Diagnostics etc.
  • And more!

A puppy wellness plan covers routine care, helping you save money while keeping your puppy as healthy as can be. Puppy wellness plans cover:

  • Vaccinations
  • Bloodwork
  • Flea & tick prevention
  • Heartworm care
  • Vet exams
  • And more!
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