Dogs love to run, roll and dive into the snow. Bringing your four-legged best friend along on your winter adventures could make this one of your best winters yet. But before you get the Airbnb and pack the car, it’s important to ensure that your dog is healthy enough to come along. It is also important to ensure that once they are out in the snow, that they are staying protected from the elements just as you are.

Bring Your Dog In For A Health Check-Up

If you’re planning a long hike or a day out in the snow with your dog, you need to ensure that they are healthy enough to have as much fun as you. Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or hormonal imbalances can compromise your dog’s ability to regulate its body heat. This can affect both puppies and elderly dogs. This could become very dangerous.

With Wagmo pet insurance and dog wellness plans, you can get your dog into the vet for a checkup and have tests run to ensure their health, without breaking the bank!

Dog Health On Winter Trails

Before you get going on your winter adventure or take your dog on a winter hike, you need to prepare your dog’s paws. The paws will be the most exposed to the cold and can easily get frostbite if not taken care of.

Trim Paw Hair: Ice pellets can begin to form on the hair in between your dog’s toes. This happens as the warmth of the dog’s paws causes the snow to stick. The snow melts from the dog’s body heat but freezes again from the cold air. This causes ice formation in between the dog’s toes. This can be quite painful and cause frostbite to occur quicker.

With a Wagmo dog wellness plan, you will have coverage to bring your dog into the groomers. The dog groomer can safely and professionally trim the dog’s paw hairs, reducing their odds of forming ice pellets.

Wash Pads: After you are out in the snow with your dog make sure to clean off their paws. Your dog’s paws can pick up rock salt, ice, and chemicals from the roads and sidewalks. This can cause their paws to become chapped. Ingesting too much salt can also cause inflammation affecting your dog’s digestive system.

If your animal is not eating, using the washroom, or drinking a crazy amount of water after your walk outdoors you might want to call your vet. Also, check for chapped paws or excessive licking of the paws (this could signal the dog is in pain). Wagmo pet insurance can help cover the cost of a visit to the vet as well as any further tests such as blood tests and any other medication that they might need.

Adjust Grooming: A dog wellness plan helps cover the costs of regular visits to the groomers, keeping your dog healthy and clean. In the summer your groomer will probably cut the dog’s hair shorter than in the winter. If they are not already doing this, just request they keep your dog’s hair longer for the winter. This can help keep them warmer when enjoying the snowy outdoors.

Don’t start skipping the groomers! While your dog’s hair might not need a trim during the winter it is important to ensure they are still visiting the groomer. Groomers help trim a dog’s nails, brush out matted hair and give them a thorough cleaning.

Packing List For Snow Dogs

When taking our dogs out in the snow and on walks in the cold weather there are a couple of things we must pack along. In order to ensure our dogs are not only safe and healthy but having fun! Here is a checklist for must-have items our four-legged friends will need in the cold:

  • Towels
  • Winter booties
  • Pet first aid
  • Pet jacket and coat
  • Warm bedding
  • Food / water / treats

Overpacking is fine when it comes to our dog’s health. The more warm clothes, food, and water you pack, the better.

Whether you live in a freezing part of the country or plan on taking a trip out to the snow, we must always ensure the health of our dogs. Receive peace of mind when bringing your dog outdoors during the winter with a Wagmo pet insurance plan and Wagmo dog wellness plan.

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