Companies need to ask the right questions before signing up for employee pet wellness plans. These fringe benefits are becoming extremely popular—and for a good reason. So you need to choose a plan carefully. Below, we’ll examine the top questions you need to ask and answer when adding pet benefit solutions to an employee benefits package.

Are you searching for employee pet wellness plans?

Employee pet wellness plans are highly sought after right now. Not only are these pet benefits solutions an attractive selling point for your company, but they’re a valuable retention tool. Offering pet insurance and wellness plans is a great way to differentiate your business. With pet parents representing a large portion of the American population, the bottom line is you need to support your workers’ four-legged friends.

Before shopping for employee pet wellness plans, you need to know what employee issues you’re trying to solve. Are you trying to give them a doggy daycare? Or do they need financial support for pet care? In most cases, it’ll be the latter. Pet care costs are on the rise, and many pet owners can’t provide their furry friends with the health care they deserve.

So when choosing pet benefits for your company, you need to ensure it’s meaningful and valuable for pet parents. Here’s how to do that.

Top questions to ask before signing up for a pet benefits solution

Asking the right questions is key to choosing a pet benefits solution that’ll delight employees. If this is the first time your company offers perks like these, you’ll need to be thorough in your search. We’ve compiled a list of the best questions to ask when shopping for pet wellness plan providers.

  1. Does the employee pet wellness plan work with all vets nationwide? Or only with in-network providers?
  2. Is the company reputable? Does the provider have good ratings and reviews?
  3. Are there any discounts for group enrolling?
  4. How competitive are their rates and offerings compared to other suppliers?
  5. Will any state-by-state requirements affect eligibility for your employees?
  6. Do the employee pet wellness plans place any restrictions on a pet’s age or breed?
  7. What kind of routine pet care services are provided under plans?
  8. How will employees access the pet wellness plan and be reimbursed for pet care expenses?
  9. Will adding this pet benefits solution require additional technology or integration requirements in-house?
  10. Will employees gain meaningful and valuable benefits from having access to this pet wellness plan?

Asking these questions each time you speak to an employee pet benefits provider ensures you’ll find the most rewarding wellness plans for your workers.

A deep dive into Wagmo employee plans

Wagmo employee plans give your team access to high-quality pet care at all times. Our Wagmo Wellness benefits encourage proactive pet wellness and improves pet health. Upon sign up, each worker is eligible to receive up to $650 per pet for routine care costs. Additionally, reimbursements are quick and easy—claims are reimbursed within twenty-four hours.
Unlike traditional pet insurance companies, there are no restrictions based on a pet’s age, breed, or pre-existing conditions. Your employees can also expect no waiting periods and no deductibles. Are you interested in hearing more? Read our employee benefits blog or request a demo today.