Many readers couldn't picture life without our regular workouts, even if we let them slip from time to time. Why should our canine companions be any different?

Exercise and activity are an essential part of any dog's life. If you've invested in dog wellness plans, then you clearly care about your pup's well-being. Exercise is a vital pillar of that well-being. There are also a lot more exercises and activities you can do with your dog than you may have realized at first. This blog will cover all the basics of canine workouts.

Why exercise is important for dog wellness

Exercise for dogs is vital for a variety of reasons. Consider it preventative care, augmenting your Wagmo dog insurance. Exercise helps combat canine obesity, a potentially serious issue. Dogs who get too much food and too little exercise are apt to develop obesity. This can create problems like heart disease or even diabetes, none of which you want to deal with, even with a dog wellness plan.

Constant exercise also helps promote healthy joints in dogs. Older dogs can often develop joint stiffness. If they've been active their entire life, this will be less of a concern.

Exercise is also crucial for a dog’s mental health. Just like humans, dogs need constant stimulation to stay engaged. A dog getting regular exercise (especially outdoors) is going to be more confident and comfortable in many different situations. An active dog is also much less likely to let out its energy in destructive ways.

If you want to cut down on shredded furniture and chewed-up shoes, take your dog outside. Getting active with your dog is also fantastic for bonding and socialization.

Fun workout ideas with your dog

The best workout with your dog is the one you can do time and again. The time of year also matters. Swimming with your dog is a great idea in summer. But, depending on where you are, it could be a bit tricky in the depths of winter! Find what you and your dog like and stick with it.


You don't need to be complicated. Walks are easy on you, and dogs absolutely love going on walks. There's a reason dogs will freak out with joy whenever you pick up a leash. They know what great exercise walks are! A long walk can be a surprisingly good exercise for you and for your dog. It's also a wonderful way to experience your neighborhood. Areas where you can go hiking often include steeper inclines, giving a more comprehensive exercise routine for both you and your dog.


If you've been turning into a couch potato lately, pick up jogging while the weather holds. If you're heading out, why not bring your dog along? You may be surprised at how well your canine can keep up with you! Not all dog breeds are natural runners, though. If you have a dog with stubby legs, you may want to stick to walking. Similarly, dogs prone to breathing difficulties aren't the best running partners.


Don't feel up to a strenuous workout right now? Playing fetch is a classic way to promote dog wellness. You can mix up your games of fetch with a variety of different objects, from balls to Frisbees. New dog owners might find their pup doesn't take to fetch quickly. However, with a bit of training, dogs can soon get into the swing of things.


Think you can stand against your dog in a match of tug-of-war? Tug-of-war against a strong dog can be a remarkably heavy workout for owners, so be ready. When playing tug-of-war, pick a toy that gives plenty of space between you and the dog. Firstly, this is easier on your back. Secondly, it makes sure the dog's teeth are nowhere near you, helping you avoid accidental bites.

Keep away

Can you match your dog? Keep away (or monkey in the middle) puts a twist on fetch and tug of war. You'll need a dog toy on a stick and string. These are often known as "flirt poles." All you need to do is get your dog interested in the toy, then take off running. Just be careful of how intense the game gets if you have a large dog. You don't want to get knocked over!


Live somewhere that feels like it's twenty-four-hour heat waves all the time? Cool down with a swim. And while you're at it, bring your dog. Canines generally enjoy paddling around in the water, especially when it's hot. Your dog will be happy to play while you do laps in the lake or pool. But you can even play fetch or keep away with your dog while swimming. Invest in a doggy life jacket if you plan to do a lot of swimming, especially if going to a large body of water.

Promote dog wellness with Wagmo dog insurance

Working out with your dog is sure to get you sweating. After all that hard work, you might not feel like you have the time to deal with things like dog wellness plans! Thankfully, with Wagmo dog insurance, getting coverage for your dog is easy.
Our pet wellness plans cover the basics of pet wellness. Meanwhile, our Wagmo pet insurance covers medical operations and other vet bills. With Wagmo, pet health insurance is easy, letting you get back to pet parenting.