In recent years, the importance of vaccines for humans has been highlighted and this could certainly get us thinking of our pets, and our current dog wellness plans or cat insurance options. However, it’s not wrong to assume that your dogs need vaccines as well! If you're getting your first dog, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through all of the vaccine options.

Oftentimes pet parents are wondering if they should worry about it right away, and which can you leave to later? If your dog wellness plan includes vaccinations, it's a good idea to make the most of them on an annual basis as recommended by your veterinarian.

If you're wondering which vaccines to get for a new dog, this blog will help you demystify the process.

Why Vaccines are Vital as Part of a Dog Wellness Plan

Some people have a perception that vaccines for dogs are a sort of scam or perhaps unnecessary. Some veterinarians indeed try to push as many vaccines as possible. However, it is true that some vaccines are essential, and you should always get them for your dogs. These are the kinds of vaccines that protect against serious risks - and may even be a legal requirement.

As part of your dog wellness plan, make sure to enquire about whether the following vaccines are included as part of your pet’s routine checkups.

Rabies Vaccine

In most states, it's against the law to not get your dog vaccinated for rabies. Whether vaccines are on your pet wellness plan or not, this is a vaccine you need to make sure that you get.

Rabies is a disease that has undergone a lot of mythologizing in our popular culture. However, this is one case where the reality is pretty much as bad as the stories say. Rabies is fatal in nearly all mammals, dogs and humans included.

DHPP Vaccine

Beyond rabies, an essential vaccine for dogs is known as the "DHPP Vaccine." This multi-disease vaccine covers a few of the most common conditions in canines. This makes it a pretty efficient vaccine in any pet wellness plan. You may hear this vaccine referred to as the "distemper" shot after one of the diseases it covers. In full, the DHPP Protects against:


Canine distemper is a severe disease that attacks dogs and puppies' lungs, stomach, and nervous systems. Its symptoms include watery eyes, fever, reduced energy, reduced appetite, and vomiting.

Its severest form can involve seizes, muscle spasms, and even death. Since dogs with distemper tend to act strangely, it can often be confused with rabies. Canine distemper is especially dangerous since it is contagious and has no cure. Vaccinating against it protects your dog and every other dog it comes in contact with.


Canine hepatitis is an infection condition that can cause serious damage to dogs' livers. Congestion, inflammation, fever, jaundice, blindness, loss of appetite, severe thirst, swelling, and depression are all symptoms of canine hepatitis. In more severe situations, the condition can be fatal. This disease is particularly dangerous for puppies, so it is good to get vaccinated for it right away.


Canine Parainfluenza is a respiratory disease that dogs can easily spread through coughing or breathing. Its symptoms include coughing, fever, nasal discharge, and a lack of energy and appetite. Canine parainfluenza spreads quickly among dogs, so it is good to get vaccinated for it before taking your puppy to public places.


Better known as "parvo," Canine Parvovirus is a serious condition that often affects puppies. However, parvo is also a danger to older unvaccinated dogs.

Parvo is a condition that affects the intestines and bone marrow. The first sign of parvo is generally a loss of appetite and lethargy. It will then progress into a fever and severe vomiting, and diarrhea. The dehydration from these can cause issues with the puppy's heart and temperature control.

If the bacteria in the stomach gets into the bloodstream, parvo can even be fatal. It is therefore key to vaccinate young dogs against this disease. If there is any disease that needs to be addressed as part of a dog wellness plan, it is this one.

Get a Dog Wellness Plan That Covers Vaccines

At Wagmo, we fully understand how vital vaccines are as part of a dog wellness plan. That is why we cover, at the very least, two vaccines a year in all of our plans. If you're a new dog owner, make sure you don't delay getting all your vaccines in order!