Ensuring your furry friend is active is vital for any dog wellness plan. Whether it is an early morning walk or an evening stroll, we know the joys of long walks with our pets. As pet parents ourselves, these are some of the most precious moments, but there are some things to note. This blog prepares you for that perfect walk in the woods, helping you prepare from tapeworms to more giant animals. We believe it’s better to be safe than sorry as a company with the best animal wellness plans!

Safety Tips for Woods Walks

  1. Wear reflective clothing: Fluorescent orange is the color recommended to make you visible in the woods as well as reflective stripes. Matching reflective clothing for you and your pet is both cute and will keep you both safe.  
  2. Bring a leash: A retractable leash is ideal when strolling through the forest. It allows your pet to explore while staying in your range and gives you control incase of an emergency.
  3. Carry water: Avoid dehydration by always having water available regardless of how hot it is outside. Carrying a collapsible water bottle or bowl is a great way to keep your pet hydrated. Explore some excellent water bottle options right here.
  4. Use pet-safe insect repellent: speak to your vet about making sure your pet is up to date with tick and flea medication before you get off into the woods. Additionally, you can ask your vet for natural and safe sprays for your dog.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings: When walking your dog through the woods. Free up your attention and stay focused on your environment. Watch out for anything on the trails that your dog might step on and get hurt, or put in their mouth and get sick.

Parasite Prevention Tips for Dogs

Before embarking on your off-trail adventures with your dog, be sure to have pet wellness protection and visit your veterinarian to make sure you are all set in terms of preventative care.  Tips to remember to ensure a successful and fun adventure:

  • Get routine vet checks: Routine visits to your veterinarian will help you determine if there’s anything to look out for during specific seasons. We recommend fecal tests, heartworm testing along with a comprehensive wellness examination.

  • Use parasite preventive treatments: On your next visit to the vet, inquire about preventative parasite treatments such as flea and tick prevention to heartworm treatments. Getting the proper medication before heading into the woods will give you peace of mind in case an accident happens.

  • Discourage pets preying on smaller animals: You don’t know where the prey has been and what kind of infections come with consuming these animals.
  • Ensure proper fecal disposal: Keeping your pet away from fecal matters is a first step in the right direction to prevent parasite infestation When you are off-trail walking it’s important to pick up after your dog and also watch out and avoid any fecal matter from different animals.

Wagmo’s dog wellness plans cover all the preventative care with all the essentials to keep your furry friend healthy. Our comprehensive animal wellness plans cover a range of pet health essentials.

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