Do you confuse your dog's pearly white teeth with healthy teeth? If yes, then it might be time to reassess and focus on giving your dog dental care a second look.

Behind your dog’s shiny white teeth, you may find rigid plaque buildup, tartar, gum inflammation (gingivitis), or bleeding gums. These oral conditions can lead to some serious dental and periodontal diseases if left unnoticed.

Dental problems in dogs are as significant as in humans. That’s why they require routine dental care. Some oral conditions that can affect your dog’s health include bad breath, organ damage, tooth loss, broken tooth, and oral pain.

Oral infections and gum diseases can lead to severe problems in your canine friend. Weight loss, dehydration, loss of appetite, and malnutrition are common symptoms of oral pain. Similarly, a broken or cracked tooth causes a bacterial infection that leads to bleeding gums and mouth.

These oral problems make doggie dental care more significant for every dog and pet parent. If you think that taking your dog to a veterinarian regularly can be a costly affair, look for a cost-effective dog wellness plan to help aid your preventative care and pet insurance coverage for your dog dental needs.

To further learn the benefits and importance of dental care and how you can get dog insurance to help the cost of it, read below.

Why is Dog Dental Care Important?

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to maintain the proper oral hygiene of your dog through routine checkups and oral care. A dog’s oral hygiene plays a huge role in its overall well-being and health condition, thus making dental care more significant.

Here are some of the other reasons why it is important to prioritize dog dental care and have a routine in place to help prevent plaque and tartar buildup:

1) It Prevents Periodontal Disease

Plaque accumulation results in rigid tartar buildup, which further causes inflammation and infection in your dog’s mouth. Gingivitis is a common type of gum problem observed in dogs. It further leads to severe chronic gum diseases and dental diseases. Dog dental care encourages you to take your pet to regular checkups, preventing such dental diseases from spreading further.

2) It Recedes Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is the most common dental condition in puppies. The dental structure of young dogs often gets a bacterial infection, which results in loss of a tooth or fallouts. Through routine oral care, you can prevent malnutrition, loss of appetite, and oral pain (which occurs due to tooth loss and damaged dental structure).

3) It Prevents Organ Damage

This is a chronic dental problem that occurs in senior dogs. The bacterial infection caused by plaque accumulation can reach other organs of your dog’s body, including the heart, kidney, and liver, by entering the bloodstream. In such conditions, dental care comes to the rescue as it encourages you to take your dog to veterinarians for a routine checkup.

4) It Prevents Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a critical problem that doggie dental care addresses. That nasty whiff not only creates an unpleasant ambiance; but also calls for various health problems. Pet parents often ignore cleaning their dog’s teeth which causes plaque buildup and bad breath. Here's when you need good dental care, as veterinarians help you clean your pet’s teeth, both professionally and regularly.

5) It Saves Money

By addressing dental problems at an early stage through good dental care, you save money. You can provide necessary medication and treatment to your dog from the beginning of infection or dental problems by getting a dog wellness plan or dog insurance. An affordable dog dental plan also prevents severe dental and periodontal diseases and their cost in the future.

Why Do You Need Dog Dental Care Coverage?

Dog dental care coverage is the perfect way to offset the cost related to dental care like oral screening, regular checkups, scaling, and cleaning.

As a dog parent, there will be many preventative procedures you will have to follow to monitor and manage the dental health of your furry friend including brushing your dog’s teeth, and helping to provide chew toys or digestible chews. Deciding to get a dog dental care coverage plan can be great for helping you save during routine vet appointments.  

Dog dental care coverage or a dog wellness plan has many vital aspects that you should know, like:

Quality Treatment: When you invest in a dental care plan, you allow the service provider to connect you with top veterinarians. You get quality services, consultation, and treatment that may otherwise cost you thousands of dollars.

Inexpensive Dental Procedures: When a dog suffers from a high-priority acute or chronic dental disease, surgery or a dental procedure is the only way to cure it. And veterinarian fees and dental treatment are not cheap. Dog dental care coverage helps you bear the cost of the whole dental procedure.

Budget-Friendly Options: The best aspect of a dog wellness plan is that you get a variety of budget-friendly options. With Wagmo, you can take a test and decide which dog insurance plan suits your needs the best. You can customize services or pick one from three different plans to ensure you and your pet gets quality healthcare services.

Not Covered in Dog Insurance Plan: Many pet parents believe dental care for dogs is part of their usual dog health insurance program, but that is not always the case. Most dental care plans are optional in a pet insurance program as it costs weekly or monthly veterinarian fees for dental cleaning, brushing, and scaling. And, pet parents tend to ignore that costs because they believe dental care is manageable at home.

Most dog insurance plans eliminate injuries or dental procedure-related to pre-conditions. In such cases, dental care coverage comes to the rescue as some of these include packages/plans that cover pre-dental health problems in dogs.

Protect Your Dog’s Teeth With Wagmo’s Dog Insurance Plans

Dog dental care is as significant as any other wellness or pet insurance plan. Our pets need proper care when it comes to veterinary oral health council, accidents and illness, medical checkups, and treatments at different stages of development.

With the help of dog dental care coverage, you can provide your four-legged friend with routine checkups that will help in their overall well-being and development.

A healthy lifestyle is not only important for your happiness but also for your pet’s happiness. Wagmo’s wide range of dog insurance and dog wellness plans ensure your pet can keep on top of their oral hygiene. Ready to live a healthy and hygienic future?
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