Just like for you, keeping your pet well isn’t a one size fits all type of deal. With the vast amount of pet insurance and pet wellness companies on the market, it can be difficult for pet parents to determine which plan is the right fit for their pet and their needs. Dog parents can end up facing some pretty hefty vet bills, but having a good pet insurance plan can help them to save money.

Luckily, it’s easy to find a plan that will work with your budget and your pet’s needs.

Different Breeds of Pet Health Insurance & Coverage Options

Pet insurers will usually offer two main types of coverage options that you can choose from:

  1. Accident-only: this type of pet insurance plan covers incidents that require emergency care. These plans cover ligament tears, foreign object ingestion, and vehicle accidents. Basically, most emergency procedures will be covered under this category of coverage.
  2. Accidents + Illness: The second type of pet insurance plan also covers accidents, but it is a more comprehensive coverage plan. Accident and illness plans for pet insurance policies also cover cancer treatments, infections, and other illnesses.

Many companies will also have pet wellness plans that include reimbursements for medications, exam fees, vaccinations, and other routine care and preventative care. A pet wellness plan will help to cover a pet parent’s everyday expenses.

Things to Keep in Mind when Looking at Insurance Plans

Pet insurance plans, monthly premiums and annual deductibles can vary from company to company, and much of the coverage depends on the size, age, and pre-existing conditions of your dog. Pet parents should look for dog insurance that will include wellness coverage and preventive care as well as low monthly costs. Another thing to keep in mind is that some insurers have waiting periods and annual limits. While some companies will cover alternative or holistic care in their medical care policies, others will have add-ons for dental cleanings and holistic care like acupuncture and physical therapy.

What is the Average Price of a Dog Insurance Plan?

According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, dog insurance plans have average annual premiums of about $195 for Accident-only coverage, and almost $600 for accident and illness coverage. The monthly premiums can average anywhere from around $20 up to $50.

Dog Insurance Pricing Factors

Unfortunately, similarly to human insurance coverage, there are some things that may make your dog insurance more expensive. Congenital conditions like hip dysplasia may raise the costs. As some insurance agencies have age limits, older pets will also be more expensive to cover. In this case, signing your pet up for coverage as soon as possible will save you money in the long run.

Our Favorite Pet Insurance Companies

Many pet insurance companies offer similar rates on insurance for veterinary care and wellness visits. Their costs and annual benefits are fairly similar as well. There are slight differences depending on the company, so we always recommend creating a list of pros and cons or a comparison chart — whatever works for you.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace covers exam fees, cancer care, and care for chronic conditions. While they also cover prescription medications, they have limited care for dental disease and waiting periods for hospitalizations and surgeries and offer a 10% co-pay.

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is another popular pet insurer. As it's one of the cheaper insurance options, it doesn't include exam fees, and it does have limitations on hospitalizations. However, most of their plans cover chronic conditions and cancer treatments.


Nationwide health insurance plans for dogs often include a wellness care plan as well as pay for checkups and emergency care. Their whole pet insurance plan covers chronic conditions and cancer treatments. Unlike most other companies, it also includes dental cleanings and acupuncture.


Trupanion insurance plans cancer treatments, hereditary conditions that are ongoing, and have limited coverage on dental care. They have a complementary care rider that includes holistic treatments, but they don't cover vet visits and have a waiting period after enrollment.


Like Nationwide, ASPCA offers a more comprehensive coverage. They include vet exams, coverage of chronic conditions, cancer treatments, and dental cleanings and care. In addition, they offer holistic therapies, but they don't offer wellness coverage as part of their plan.

Final Thoughts

As many of the pet insurance companies are similar in coverage, it really comes down to the pricing for many pet parents, although what is covered can make a huge difference as well. With other great insurers out there like us here at Wagmo (not to toot our own horn, but we’re proud of what we can do for pets and pet parents), or whether you're looking for pet insurance plans in New York or up into Canada, there is a good chance you'll find a great insurance provider for your dog and your budget.