Like humans, dogs also need a wholesome diet packed with necessary nutrients, proteins, and minerals. A healthy and nutritious diet boosts your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

But due to a variety of factors, canines often eat things that are unhealthy, inedible, and harmful to their health and gut. It may lead to severe digestive or gastrointestinal issues in dogs, irrespective of age.

In some cases, critical digestive problems may lead to conditions like loss of appetite and excessive weight reduction, which causes further deterioration in the health of your dogs.

Pet parents must subscribe to dog wellness plans to diagnose severe digestive issues at an early stage. Through routine veterinarian visits and preventive care, you can save your dog from getting severe gastrointestinal problems and infections.

Below are some common digestive issues that may affect your dog sometimes. Read on to find out how to treat and prevent such serious health conditions in your canine friends with wellness protection.

Some Common Causes of Digestive Issues in Dogs

Digestive problems in dogs occur due to different factors. Your dog isn’t always impacted by consuming some contaminated or unhealthy food. There can be other reasons as well, like the following:

1) Infection

It could be anything from a bacterial infection to a parasite attack. If you fail to clean your dog regularly, it may lead to trapping bacteria around the skin that straight up goes into the stomach to cause severe infections. If your dog goes to a doggie day care, there are high chances it can get a viral infection from fellow sick pets, leading to digestive problems.

2) Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Some dogs have common stomach problems like kidney stones, ulcers, and enzyme deficiencies. These pre-existing medical conditions make older dogs more prone to regularly having some kind of digestion problem.

3) Bloating and Overeating

Your dog won’t mind eating three bowls of kibble for dinner or having some extra treats because they don’t know when to stop. They will beg and give you the ever so popular puppy dog eyes to ask for more food. But as pet parents, you have to know the ideal requirement of your dog as overeating may lead to digestion problems in your furry friend.

4) Missing Nutrients

Not every pet food is packed with all the necessary nutrients that your dog wants to grow stronger and healthier. A balanced diet should have an equal amount of calcium, protein, vitamins, mineral, and other essential nutrients. If anything goes missing from your dog’s wholesome diet, it may lead to some kind of stomach problems.

Common Digestive Issues in Dogs

Digestive problems in canines are treatable but in some cases, they can grow chronic and fatal if remain undiagnosed. Most common digestion problems may include:

1) Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the most common health issues associated with an upset stomach. It may further lead to dehydration and fatigue in dogs. The best way to prevent diarrhea is by keeping a close eye on your dog’s diet. Make sure your dog doesn’t pick anything from outside that may contain germs and bacteria. Give ample water to keep your dog hydrated throughout the condition.

2) Vomiting

In most cases vomiting is good to vent out all the foul things your dog must have eaten, but frequent vomiting may hint at a consequential bacterial infection. Taking your dog to a veterinarian is the ideal way to prevent the spread of disease. A vet may suggest some antibiotic medicines to make your canine friend feel better.

3) Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is not a usual digestive issue that your dog can get however it can be caused by consuming something unhealthy or contaminated. Pancreatitis is a terrible and sometimes life-threatening digestive problem that severely affects the pancreas of a dog. In this condition, the pancreas destroys itself, causing excruciating pain and discomfort to dogs.

4) Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

More than a disease IBD is a syndrome that occurs due to intestinal tract irritation. In most cases, dogs with IBD have pre-existing digestive issues or often get some kind of digestive problems like diarrhea and vomiting. You may need routine medical assistance to treat IBD in dogs.

The best way to prevent and treat this condition is by subscribing to a dog wellness plan, as they encourage you to take your dog to routine veterinary screenings.

Why You Need Wellness Protection for Your Dog

Please note that common digestive issues can lead to life-threatening health conditions in no time. Dog wellness plans offer pet parents access to track the overall health of their pets through routine medical checkups and preventive examinations.

Most dog wellness plans offer services like routine vaccination, grooming, blood work, and urinalysis to diagnose and examine severe health conditions in pets. With wellness protection, you can detect dreadful digestive problems early to prevent them from deteriorating.

A pet wellness plan may also help provide basic medications to prevent common digestive issues like diarrhea, indigestion, irregular bowel movement, and vomiting. Your vet may prescribe you some exercises that can prevent such conditions in your dogs.

Dog wellness plans are even more important for new pet parents as they help them stay in touch with a veterinarian to know the eating habits of their dogs.

Pet parents can also opt for pet insurance with wellness plans as they offer services related to various expected and unexpected dog care. In case your dog suffers from conditions like IBD, gastritis, or pancreatitis, a pet insurance plan may provide you financial support to treat such fatal and chronic diseases.

You may not have to pay for emergency hospital services to treat your dog against such fatal digestive problems. A pet insurance plan also helps bear the cost of health conditions, where your dog may need to undergo surgery or a clinical process.

More than financial support, pet insurance with wellness plans offers you peace of mind to relax in case of an emergency or when your dog needs some urgent care.

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