Dog’s can have food allergies too, and some can be hard to spot at first especially if you don’t have a pet insurance plan. It can also be challenging to narrow down the specific food that triggers the allergy, as many dog foods are packed full of different ingredients. This blog will cover how to spot a food allergy and what you can do to help your fluffy friend while minimizing your costs with dog medical insurance or a dog wellness plan.

Symptoms Of Dog Food Allergies

While we know there are certain foods dogs should never eat. Food intolerance and allergies can be less noticeable and of course accidental.

An allergic reaction is a response your dog’s body has to a substance that it has identified as either dangerous or foreign. This causes the release of antibodies to attack the ‘threat.’ This release of antibodies can begin to cause some signs and symptoms that are uncomfortable for your pet and sometimes life threatening. They may not appear super apparent at first, but the symptoms can worsen over time if not treated Here are some of the most common signs to watch out for that could mean your dog has a food allergy:

  • Upset stomach
  • Skin irritation
  • Diarrhea
  • Infections
  • Sneezing
  • Hair Loss
  • Excessive licking
  • Drooling
  • Gas

Sometimes, if an allergy goes unnoticed or untreated for a certain amount of time, it can cause chronic infections. These include irritated bowels and anal glands (IBS), hot spots, and skin sores.

In the case of a severe food allergy, your dog could go into anaphylactic shock. If this happens, you must act quickly and immediately get your dog to an emergency clinic or hospital. This could happen from testing out a new food brand or a new brand of treats. You never know what could trigger this reaction, so it is essential to stay prepared with dog medical insurance in case of an emergency. Wagmo dog insurance plans can cover all emergency costs, diagnostics, and medications necessary.

7 Common Dog Food Allergies

Did you know that feeding your dog a single type of food for years can increase the risk of intolerance and allergies? If your dog is all of a sudden reacting differently to their regular food, try switching up the proteins and paying close attention to the labels. In the case of persisting and severe reactions, take your dog to the vet immediately.

Here are seven of the most common dog food allergies:

Beef: As one of the most popular dog food ingredients, it is no wonder that it is one of the most common allergens. Make sure to rotate beef out for other proteins every once in a while.

Dairy: Like humans, some dogs are lactose intolerant and have difficulty digesting milk and other dairy products. Usually, this allergy results in gastrointestinal issues. It can also appear as skin itchiness and other symptoms.

Wheat: Dog’s are more commonly allergic to animal products than grains. However, the benefits of grain in dog food are pretty controversial. It is always best to consult your doctor about what food and ingredients will be best for your dog.

Eggs: Some dogs will negatively react to all the excess protein from an egg. Usually, it is pretty easy to avoid eggs in dog foods but always make sure to read the label.

Chicken: Like beef, chicken is an extremely popular protein used in dog foods. When eating an excessive amount of chicken, a dog can develop an intolerance. It is best to swap between proteins as often as possible,

Soy: There have been studies conducted that suggest if a canine ingests a lot of soy over a long period, it can begin to affect its endocrine function. This means their growth, development, mood, metabolism, and more.

Lamb: Lamb is sometimes used as an ingredient for dogs that already have an intolerance to chicken and beef. Unfortunately, it has also been found to cause allergic reactions.

A preventative pet insurance plan like a dog wellness plan from Wagmo can help determine the cause of your dog’s symptoms. With routine exams, blood tests, fecal exams, and urinalysis all covered, you can get a better picture of your dog’s overall digestional health. Preventative pet insurance such as this helps keep our dogs youthful and healthy.

Caring For A Dog With A Food Allergy

If your dog has a minor intolerance or allergic reaction to their food you will often be instructed to begin the ‘elimination diet' by your vet. This consists of eliminating certain ingredients and foods from the dog’s diet until their symptoms go away. If you take an ingredient away and the negative reaction still occurs, you can cross that food off the list and move on to the next. Certain foods will have to be eliminated for between a week or even a month before symptoms disappear.

If your dog’s allergic reaction is quite severe, your vet may opt for a prescription diet. This usually means a particular vet-branded food that they will often sell right at the vet’s office. These foods are typically free of all common allergens and can help a dog absorb necessary nutrients.

In some cases, the vet will also prescribe different medications. These medications will help reduce inflammation allowing better digestion and absorption of nutrients. These medications can get pricey, and luckily they are included in Wagmo’s pet insurance plans.

Prepare For The Unexpected

No one thinks their dog will be the one with a severe food allergy until it happens to them. This is why emergency dog medical insurance is so important. It not only helps to save your dog’s life but your wallet from taking a massive hit. Pet insurance plans are made for the unexpected. Wagmo Insurance is here for you whenever you need it, making it an easy and stress-free experience.

Wagmo also has preventative pet insurance with our dog wellness plans. While a dog insurance plan covers emergency illness and injury, Wagmo Wellness helps your dog stay healthy year-round. A dog wellness plan includes coverage for routine exams, vaccinations, flea and tick medication, heartworm prevention, bloodwork, urinalysis, grooming, dental and more!

With Wagmo, you and your dog can breathe easy knowing that we have your back. Worry less. Wagmo. Pet insurance for the modern pet parent.