Are you confused about what vaccines your dog needs? We get it, there can be a lot of information to digest and hard to understand medical terms.

Today, we look at which vaccinations are vital and how you can save on dog vaccination costs by signing up for Wagmo’s pet wellness plans.

What Dog Vaccines Are Absolutely Necessary?

In the pet world, four vaccines are considered absolutely necessary for your pup to get. These include:

  1. Rabies
  2. Canine parvovirus
  3. Distemper
  4. Canine hepatitis

These four dog vaccinations are essential because of the level of risk the diseases pose to your pet. Your veterinarian will determine any other required vaccines based on your pet’s exposure risk.

Dog Vaccination Schedule: When You Should Get These Dog Vaccines and Boosters

A vet administering a vaccine to a dog

Your dog’s vaccination schedule will largely depend on your pet’s age. For example, if you have a puppy you’ll need to vaccinate them when they are between six and eight weeks old. Your vet will then ask you to return every three to four weeks to get the next set of dog vaccines. Once your pup is approximately four months old, all of their initial dog vaccinations will be complete.

However, if you are adopting an older dog, you’ll need to take your furry friend to the vet to assess what vaccines they have already received. After this, you take an older dog to the vet to get relevant dog vaccines annually. Booster shots are administered every three years.

As part of many pet wellness plans, your vet will schedule your dog’s annual vaccinations as part of their regular visits. That means your pet will be guaranteed to get the right shot at the right time each year.

Cost of Dog Vaccines: What Pet Owners Need to Know

You’re probably wondering how much all of these vaccines for dogs will cost you — who wouldn’t? On average, a rabies vaccine costs about $40. Luckily, parvovirus, adenovirus and distemper are usually all put into a single shot that will also cost around $40.

Wagmo Pet Wellness Plans: How to Potentially Save on Vaccines

If you’re a member of Wagmo’s pet wellness plans, you’ll get reimbursed for dog vaccinations as part of your plan. This means you can put your saved money towards another special treat for your pup. Additionally, our wellness plans cover routine procedures such as blood work, fecal tests, heartworm treatment, and grooming.

If you want to save even more money, you can try to find a clinic that will administer low-cost dog vaccines for your pet. A simple search should give you plenty of options to choose from in your area.

Pet parenting can be challenging and confusing to say the least, and we’re here to help. At Wagmo, we offer routine pet wellness insurance plans. This comprehensive cover makes sure that you and your pet are covered no matter what happens. Contact us today for more information about our pet insurance options and pet wellness plans