A cat wellness plan provides necessary preventive care to your cats while offsetting the cost of regular veterinary services and medical help.

Most wellness plans cover dental care, grooming, flea medication, blood test, microchipping, behavioral training, and routine veterinarian checkups to ensure you get the best services for your feline friend.

These plans also help diagnose the early signs of fatal or chronic diseases like skin infection, cancer, diabetes, and rabies. A pet wellness plan is a perfect way to take care of your kitty without worrying about the incurred cost.

Though cats are more independent and require less attention than other domestic animals, they still need proper care to maintain their hygiene and overall well-being. That’s why investing in a cat wellness program is significant and beneficial.

Benefits of a Cat Wellness Plan

Below are five valuable reasons that make a cat wellness plan important for you and your feline friends:

1) Preventive Coverage

A cat wellness plan is an ideal way to protect your cats against infections, chronic diseases, and severe illnesses. A preventive care plan covers routine cat vaccination, ringworm & heartworms in cats, dental cleaning, and oral hygiene.

Through regular veterinary screenings and wellness exams, you can detect early signs of infection or illnesses in your cat.  Preventive coverage may also include weight loss training as cats with eating disorders are more prone to be overweight and obese due to inactivity and lethargy. Consequently, this invites health problems like diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases. Hence, making a wellness program more significant for your pets.

2) Covers Important Vaccines Throughout their Life

From obtaining a pet license to easy traveling, cat vaccination plays a crucial role in different aspects of your cat’s life. Both core vaccines (mandatory) and non-core vaccines (discretionary) helps strengthen the immune system of the cats and prepare them to fight against different viruses and bacterial infections. A cat wellness plan covers cat vaccination to ensure your kitties get booster shots against various diseases, including rabies, Bordetella, and Feline Distemper.

3) Spaying/Neutering

Spaying or neutering is a process to remove the reproductive organs of both male and female cats through a surgical procedure. For male cats, the process is called castration. Without spaying or neutering, your cats may turn aggressive and develop health-related problems like mammary cancer, feline leukemia, uterine cancer, and feline AIDS.

For an easy and painless procedure, cats are given anesthesia and painkillers post-surgery. A wellness program covers the cost of this surgical procedure, helping your cats live healthier and happier life.

4) Routine Veterinary Screenings and Exams

Through regular veterinarian support and medical assistance, you get access to the health and well-being of your cats. It offers the ideal way to monitor your cat's growth, health conditions, and age-wise development. Besides that, cats are also good at hiding pain and illnesses, which means you will never know what is bothering them unless you take them to a veterinarian.

Regular physical exams or veterinary screenings are part of a preventive approach to protect your cats against any acute or chronic illnesses. Your veterinarian may check your pet's stance, nail & hair growth, and signs of pain as part of a routine checkup.

5) Grooming

Regular grooming is the perfect way to reduce irritation to the skin and paws and remove unwanted hair coats. A well-groomed cat creates a healthy and safe environment for everyone, especially kids.

Grooming also helps identify unnoticed lumps, matted fur balls, parasites, and ringworms. Veterinarians may also help your cat get rid of dead skin that can cause various skin problems and infections. Dental hygiene plays a vital role in routine cat grooming. Your veterinarian may clean, scale, and brush your cat’s teeth and gums to ensure they are protected against bacterial infection and plaque accumulation.

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