Regular checkups are essential for your cat's health—from when they're an energetic kitten to a chilled-out senior cat. That's why frequent vet visits are crucial. Yet, how often should pet parents take their furball to the vet? Below, we'll explore why routine pet care is essential and how often your cats should go to the vet as part of cat wellness plans.

Regular vet visits are essential—here's why

Being a cat owner comes with many responsibilities, and bringing them to the vet is one of them. Us humans tend to go to the doctor only when we're sick or injured, so it can be easy to think the same applies to our pets. However, vet visits as part of cat wellness plans are essential for ensuring they live a long and happy life.

During regular wellness checkups, your vet will perform various physical tests to determine your cat's health. This may involve a routine blood work check, a fecal test, or dental hygiene. Additionally, these visits are ideal for your vet to give annual cat vaccinations or preventative medicine against ticks and heartworm.

But regular vet visits are also essential for another vital reason. During these visits, a vet can detect signs your cat mightn't be as healthy as they seem. Various cat diseases and illnesses don't have apparent symptoms—that we pet parents can pick up on anyway. Booking your feline friend for regular checkups as part of cat wellness plans is the best preventative measure you can take.

How often should cats go to the vet?

Yet, what's meant by “regular” vet visits? The frequency at which you should bring your cat to the vet will change throughout their lifetime. Understandably, a kitten will need to be seen by a vet more often than an adolescent cat. So, let's dive into the question, How often should cats go to the vet?

Kittens frequency

The kitten stage happens from the moment of birth up to the age of six months. An initial health check is needed shortly after birth. However, once the kitten is between six and eight weeks, the regular vet visits begin. It's around this time your kitten will start receiving their first vaccinations.

Typically, you should bring your cat to the vet every three to four weeks until they're five months old. Along with vaccinations, many vets will also carry out deworming treatments and other necessary procedures. At Wagmo, our cat wellness plans help you cover the cost of core vaccinations.

Junior cats frequency

Between the ages of seven months and two years, your cat will be in the junior stage. Bring your feline companion to the vet every six months when they're a junior cat. Why is this? This time frame marks a significant milestone in the growth and development of many pets. A vet will look at their nutrition, weight, dental health, behavioral health, and more. This stage will also require continued vaccinations and parasite control.

Adult cats frequency

Your fur baby is an adult cat once they reach three years old. Provided they're healthy and living a good lifestyle, vet visits should happen once a year. This will depend on your cat's health, e.g., if they have a hereditary condition, more frequent visits might be necessary. As they age, they're also more susceptible to various age-related diseases.

As part of cat wellness plans, these vet visits will prevent the onset of specific conditions and maintain your pet's well-being. Keeping your loveable cat happy—and your bank balance even happier.

Senior cats frequency

Once your cat is eleven years and older, they're officially a senior citizen of the cat population. Older cats should be brought to the vet twice a year for routine checkups and examinations. At this age, pet parents will notice the symptoms of age-related conditions more, e.g., Polycystic kidney disease. Depending on your senior cat's health, they may need investigative examinations more often to detect or manage diseases.

Cat wellness plans: Making veterinary visits simple

Routine pet care is vital throughout your cat's life, and Wagmo wants to help you along each step of the journey. Our cat wellness insurance covers many financial costs associated with being a pet parent. With Wagmo Wellness, we'll reimburse you for the pet care you're already giving your pet, such as ear and dental care, grooming, and vaccines. For as little as $36 per year, you'll get reimbursed up to $650 for routine vet visits.

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