Pet parents may wonder if cat insurance for older cats is necessary. Whether you've had your cat since they were a kitten or if you adopted a senior cat, cat insurance plans are worth it. Let's examine their benefits and why insurance is essential regardless of your pet's age.

Do I need pet insurance for cats if I have a senior cat?

Shopping for pet insurance plans for cats can be confusing. You might question what kind of coverage you'll receive or if your cat will need supplemental pet wellness protection. If your cat is older, this process becomes trickier. Yet, that doesn't mean cat insurance for older cats doesn't have advantages.

No matter what age your feline friend is, they (and your wallet) will need protection in the event of illness or injury. Your aging cat may be as spry as ever, but they’re  still at risk of developing health problems. Did you know that cancer in cats is common? One in five cats is diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes. Other ailments that affect cats include diabetes and kidney disease.

So, do senior cats need a cat insurance plan? Yes. When buying pet insurance, age shouldn't be a deciding factor. Your mature cat deserves to live out the rest of its days in comfort (with a side of cuddles).

Cat insurance plans for older cats: Top benefits

Without cat insurance for older cats, the cost of health-care requirements quickly adds up. Vet visits, treatment plans, medications, and surgical procedures are expensive. If you don't have savings, your bank balance will suffer the consequences.

With pet insurance for cats, health-care expenses will never be a problem. When you bring your fur friend in for their emergency visits, you can do so knowing it's all covered under your insurance plan. Yet, what are the other benefits cat insurance plans offer pet parents?

  • Cancer treatment coverage: Cancer treatment can cost between $500 and $7000, according to Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. With pet insurance for cats, you could receive 100% reimbursement provided you're meeting your deductibles.
  • Coverage for congenital and hereditary conditions: Many pet insurance plans also offer coverage for congenital and hereditary conditions. Certain cat breeds are prone to developing genetic disorders such as polycystic kidney disease. A cat insurance plan covers prescription medications, laboratory tests, and emergency vet visits.

Is insurance for senior pets more expensive?

The rule of thumb for enrolling in pet insurance plans for cats is this: the sooner you do it, the better. Early sign-on works out better for your finances as premiums and deductibles are cheaper the younger your pet is. That, unfortunately, means cat insurance for older cats is more expensive.

This is because senior pets are more prone to health issues and present a higher level of risk for insurance providers. Yet, that doesn't mean affordable pet insurance plans for older cats aren't available. Many companies offer plans for senior cats so they can get the treatment and care they deserve.

What coverage will my cat receive?

Now that we've convinced you cat insurance for older cats is worth it, what coverage will you get? At Wagmo, we understand how irreplaceable senior pets truly are. Our mission is to keep your pets healthy (no matter their age). The Wagmo Pet Insurance plans offer the following coverage to cat owners:

An infographic showing the range of coverage Wagmo Pet Insurance plans provide.

Many pet insurance companies, including ours, won’t provide coverage options if your senior cat has pre-existing conditions. In this case, purchasing pet insurance for cats may not make sense.

Reduce the cost of senior cat vet bills with Wagmo's affordable pet insurance

At Wagmo, our comprehensive insurance plan helps pet parents get more—with less confusion and financial burden. By choosing one of our deductible options, we'll cover 100% of your cat's vet bills for routine and emergency veterinary care (provided you pay your deductible). Regardless of your feline friend's age, we'll support you in giving them the care they deserve.

Take our pet insurance quiz today to find the cat insurance plan that best suits your senior cat's needs and your budget.