Cat dental hygiene is just as crucial for your cat as it is to you. Of course, you grew up with the importance of dental hygiene drilled into you. But how do you keep good care of your cat's teeth?

Actually, many of the same principles go for both cats and humans when it comes to keeping those pearly whites healthy. A good cat wellness plan will include dental work coverage. However, for your cat's comfort, it's a good idea for you to be proactive when it comes to dental health.

This blog will introduce everything you need to know about basic cat dental hygiene.

Why Dental Hygiene Matters for Cats

We often take our own dental routines for granted when it comes to healthy teeth. Brushing our teeth is just something that was drilled into us as children. For cats, this kind of casual dental care is difficult for them to do independently and instinctually. Make no mistake, cats do their best to take care of their own teeth. But with paws instead of hands, it can sometimes get a little tricky!

Keeping up good dental hygiene practices for your cat is very important for ensuring minor issues don't turn into even bigger ones that could involve surgery. Even if your veterinary wellness plans cover this, it will be a lot of stress for you and your cat! Here are some ways to prevent the worst-case dental scenarios.

#1 Daily Brushing

A little bit of brushing every day can go a long way towards preventing the buildup of tartar, plaque, and the start of other dental ailments for cats. The best advice possible is to start them young with brushing. This will make your cat used to the experience.

Teaching an old cat to be okay with you poking a brush around their mouth will be much more difficult than with a younger one. When brushing a cat's teeth, you want to focus on circular motions that also cover the gums.

If your cat stays still while you're brushing their teeth, reward them with a treat or by petting them. This encourages them to behave in the future. It's also a good idea to set down a routine for when you brush your teeth. This helps your cat get comfortable with it and helps you remember!

#2 Provide Plenty of Fresh Water

Surprisingly, cats can wash a lot of junk off their teeth just by drinking. Always make sure that your cat has a source of freshwater! This will go a surprisingly long way towards helping them keep their mouths fresh. Food debris is a significant source of gingivitis in cats.

#3 Gift Your Cat Some Chew Toys

Most dental issues with cats will start with a buildup of plaque or tartar. Combat this by gifting your cat with some chew toys. Chewing on hard toys is a great way to help your cat knock off tartar and plaque from their teeth. Just make sure that it's not too hard. If you can make an impression with your fingernail, it should be safe for your cat's teeth.

#4 Recognize the Signs of Dental Problems

Sometimes all the preventative measures won't work, and you'll need to call on your cat wellness plan for some dental help. However, the sooner you identify a problem, the sooner you can get it resolved and prevent more serious dental problems down the road.

One of the easiest ways to detect signs of an issue with your cat's teeth is bad breath. You should also watch out for bleeding or swollen gums, excessive drooling, and a refusal to eat. If you notice any of these, it's best to use your cat wellness plan's dental coverage - or start looking for pet wellness plans near you!

#5 Get Regular Checkups

Some signs of dental problems in cats are pretty obvious. Other times, you won't have a clue if you need to use your cat wellness plan's dental options or not. It's important that you get regular dental checkups for your feline friends. Getting regular dental checkups with a vet is the best way to determine if everything is going well teeth-wise.

On top of that, a vet will be the best person to give advice regarding cat food and treats that will be low-impact on your feline's dental health.

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