Cat boredom can settle in any time of the year, regardless of whether it’s sunny outside. However, that doesn’t mean pet parents shouldn’t prevent restlessness from seeping in. When cats aren’t receiving the stimulation they need, it causes them to feel bored. This can also translate into destructive behaviors if not appropriately handled.

Below, we give cat parents tips on how to prevent their cats from getting bored this summer. We also examine why cat boredom happens and how a cat wellness plan can help.

Understanding cat boredom: What is it?

Cat boredom works in a similar way to our boredom. We might resort to mindless snacking or online shopping when we get bored. Yet, for cats, those options aren’t available. Instead, they look to other alternatives to capture their attention. Unfortunately, not all of these activities are productive or good-natured.

When cats experience boredom, they often participate in bad or repetitive behaviors. This could be overgrooming, scratching furniture, fighting with other pets, or overeating. This happens because they aren’t receiving enough physical or mental stimulation. When this occurs, their natural curiosity levels drop.

Cat boredom is exceptionally high in indoor cats. While keeping your cat indoors has its benefits, it also increases their risk of becoming quickly disinterested in their environment. To understand how to prevent boredom in cats, you need to observe their surroundings. Ask yourself, Does my cat have enough beneficial activities to stimulate them when I’m not around?

If the answer to this question is no, you must take action. Our responsibility as pet parents is to ensure our cats have everything they need—particularly when their attention is involved.

Top activities to engage your cat this summer

There are plenty of ways to prevent cat boredom from settling in this summer. Let’s look at some of the activities you can try to keep cats focused on healthy activities and behaviors.

Play puzzle games

As we know, boredom happens when our minds aren’t stimulated enough. This applies to your cat too. Playing puzzle games with your cat is a great way to get them to use their problem-solving skills. Games like these often require a cat to search for a treat hidden in a box or toy. At the end of the game, your cat gets a reward but also receives a healthy dose of mental stimulation.

Bring them outside

If being inside all day drives your cat to boredom, take them outside. For those pet parents with a backyard, give them the ability to explore outdoors and engage with their natural hunting instincts. If that’s not available to you, train your cat to wear a leash. This way, they get much-needed fresh air while using all their senses.

Buy exciting cat toys

You wouldn’t expect a toddler not to have any toys, so don’t expect the same for your feline friend. Give your cat lots of stimulating toys to play with. This is an ideal option for those pet parents who aren’t home for hours each day. Make sure to buy products that meet the different needs of your cat, e.g., wand toys, ping-pong balls, and even empty toilet roll holders.

Play engaging videos

Need to keep your kitty distracted while you jump on a Zoom call? Playing interesting videos on YouTube is a great way to hold their attention span. Many channels designed for cats show videos of the natural world. The visual stimulation these videos provide keeps your cat’s instincts sharp.

Better yet, if you have a window in your home, ensure your feline companion has access to it. Install a cat perch or move a table over to the window. This allows your cat to watch what’s going on outside easily. Perhaps they’ll enjoy people-watching, or they can keep an eye on your garden.

Install a cat scratching post

If you’ve caught your cat ripping your new leather sofa to shreds, this is a sign of cat boredom. Consider giving them a scratching post. Doing so means you don’t have to sacrifice your home furnishings anymore. Cat scratching posts encourage physical activity and keep their claws in good condition. Exercise is vital for cats as it keeps their minds and bodies active.

Cat wellness plan: How to keep your pet active and happy

Boredom in cats isn’t always a sign of lack of stimulation at home. It could indicate a more worrying medical issue is at play. If your cat is constantly bored, bring them to the vet immediately. Your vet will run multiple tests to explore if there is a medical or psychological cause for this behavior. Cat wellness plans are a must to keep your cat active and happy. Many pet wellness programs cover the cost of diagnostic tests.

With Wagmo, our wellness plan for cats supports cat owners for each step of pet parenthood. We cover your pet care costs, from regular vet check-ups to routine vaccines and grooming services. And the great news is wellness for cats isn’t age-specific. Your senior cats are as important as your month-old kitten.

Learn how Wagmo helps pet owners care for their pets by reading our FAQ page today, or take a pet wellness quiz to find the ideal cat wellness plan for you.