When it comes to going away for the holiday, cat owners have a lot to consider. While a lot of dogs can tag along on most trips or head to doggy daycare, it is not always as easy for cats.

While cat hotels and boarding houses do exist for cats, many cats can become extremely stressed. This can be due to all the new smells, new people, new animals, and nothing around them being familiar. However, if you want to leave your cat at home it’s imperative they have someone available to ensure their safety.

If you’re not sure what route is the best for your cat check out our list of top ways to keep our cats safe while we are away for the holidays.

Finding Cat-Friendly Hotels

Leaving our cats alone for longer than a few hours can be a tad dangerous. You always want to ensure that they have plenty of food, water, a clean litter box, and someone to make sure they aren’t getting injured or into anything they shouldn’t. This is why cat boarding facilities exist. If you’re heading out of town this year a cat hotel or boarding house might be just the right place for your cat.

If you have a young, happy, and sociable cat then they might have a blast at the cat hotel. While this might be a more expensive option, the staff will ensure your cat has plenty to eat, is looked after, and is not trapped in a crate or tiny space for days. The staff are usually awesome with animals and help them become as comfortable as possible. Let the facility know your cat’s specific preferences and try and find a facility that can accommodate your cat’s current schedule.

Bring your cat’s favorite toys, their favorite blanket, and even a piece of unwashed laundry from home. This can help their bed feel more like home and help them adapt to the facility.

Safely Leaving Your Cat At Home During The Holidays

While a cat hotel or cat boarding facility sounds like it could be a great option for more outgoing cats, some cats would hate it. As many of us cat parents know, cats can be quite territorial. Taking them away from their domain and away from everything that is comfortable to them might cause extreme anxiety and stress. If you have already had a bad experience with a cat hotel, or just know your cat will hate it, you might consider other options such as keeping them at home.

Cat Sitters

There is such a thing as professional cat sitters. With a quick Google search, you might be pleasantly surprised with how many cat sitters are so close to home. These cat sitters are hired and can come to check on your animals once or twice a day. This can be a good option for many cat parents as they are able to leave their territorial cat at home where they feel safe. Rest easy knowing that someone is checking in on your cats, ensuring they’re safe. Many send photos updates as well (which we love!).

Before hiring a cat sitter ask for their credentials. Many professional animal sitters and licensed veterinarians will have gone through a different amount of training and will have a list of certifications to offer you. Some are even retired veterinarians or vet techs, so you could literally not be leaving your cat in better hands!

Friend Or Neighbor

Many of us have friends, family, or neighbors who would be more than happy to take care of our fluffy friends during our vacation. This can be one of the cheapest options. Ideally, this person would already be someone your cat is familiar with, further reducing their stress.

Get your friend to pop in once or twice a day to clean the litter box, feed your cat and spend some time with them. If your friend is only available once a day (the holidays can become hectic), you might consider an auto feeder. This way your friend only needs to fill up the cat’s water dish and clean their litter, then spend the rest of the visit playing with the cat. Auto feeders are a great way of keeping your cat on a regular food schedule while you’re out. In a perfect world, this friend would be housesitting and sleeping over. This way they are spending as much time with your cat as possible.

Make sure to always leave a cat sitter the name and phone number of your veterinarian in case your cat becomes ill or gets injured while you are away. Pet parents with pet insurance for cats offer them that additional peace of mind. Wagmo pet health Insurance has both pet insurance for cats and pet wellness plans that offer both preventative and emergency coverage.

Calm Cat Anxiety

Whether you will be gone for a few hours, or a few days, some cats become stressed whenever they are alone. Before you head out, prepare your home in a way that can help keep your cat calm.

Close doors: Before you head out decide which rooms you want your animal to have access to. You want to make sure your cat isn’t able to accidentally close themselves in a room by rubbing on a door or when playing with a toy. Close doors to rooms like bathrooms, storage rooms, and offices where cats could find themselves getting into some trouble. For rooms where the cat is allowed, such as their litter box room, their favorite bedroom, etc., consider using a doorstop or something heavy to ensure the door stays open.

Hide cords: Even if your cat has never chewed on electrical cords, you never know what stress could lead them to do. Cats getting tangled in cords also offer their own list of dangers. Tie up all cords that cant be unplugged, and remove the rest. Put small appliances away, phone chargers in the drawer, and tie and put away all computer and tv cords.

Leave Lights On: Well, not every light unless you love paying electricity bills. However, leaving a couple of strategic lights on might help your cat feel like they are not alone. It is always a great idea to put a couple of lamps on a timer so in the evening the lamp will turn on for the cat.

Radio & TV Noise: Similar to leaving lights on, having a radio or tv on might help your cat feel like they are not alone and that things are more ‘normal’. Have your cat sitter play Netflix for your cats or turn the radio on for them before they leave after each visit.

No matter what your holiday plans are this year, it can be a stressful time for our animals. Christmas decorations, holiday parties, and you leaving town might cause our kitties a lot of stress. Pet insurance for cats can be a great choice for cat parents looking for peace of mind while they are away.

Wagmo offers both pet insurance for cats and cat wellness plans that cover emergency costs as well as preventative care. For example, cat wellness plans can cover cat vaccinations that they might need in order to go to a cat hotel. While pet insurance plans for cats can cover emergency costs in case they get hurt or sick at the facility or face any accident or illness.

Wagmo insurance has your back so you can confidently enjoy your Christmas holiday and know your cat sitter or boarding facility has what they need in the case of an emergency.
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