As cat parents, cat wellness plans are incredibly functional-especially if you’ve got a case of the kitten scratches. You know it, we know it- cats love to scratch. As new pet parents, it’s nothing to be alarmed of. It’s instinctive and their preferred method of communicating and relieving stress. Over 84% of the cat population indicate scratching, from furniture to carpets- it’s completely normal and part of their instincts.  

We encourage our readers not to perceive cat scratching as a negative phenomenon and to always avoid declawing. Setting the unrealistic expectation that cat scratching is preventable only sets you up for disappointment and a very unfulfilled life for your cat.

The primary needs of kittens don’t revolve around “where should I scratch” or “what’s a good place to scratch.” It’s simply to scratch! We stray away from negative reinforcement or punishment as a company with the best cat wellness plans, as it only encourages defensive and aggressive behaviors.

Why Cats Scratch

  1. To Express How They Feel: Indoor cats need an outlet to express their emotions, and scratching does just that.
  2. Use scent to mark their ‘territory.’: Cats have scent glands in their paws that leave their scent on items they want to mark theirs. Also, their claws scratch these items visually!
  3. Kittens love to scratch while stretching and flexing their toes and paws.
  4. Shed the outer layer of their nails.

Tips for Cutting Back on Destructive Scratching

Provide appropriate and designated scratch posts.

We have our way around kittens as a company that understands wellness plans for cats like no other. Introducing your cat to more desirable posts than the items they currently scratch is a tremendous first step. They should be sturdy, tall, and easily accessible- positioned in areas where they spend the most time. Materials such as wood, cardboard, and upholstery provide an excellent solution.

Although this might take trial and error, understanding your cat’s preferences can get you ahead of this. Some kittens prefer a vertical grain, some horizontal- here are some excellent kitten scratch posts that help you get started!

Make the scratch post appealing.

You can lead them to it by using their favorite treats or catnip. Hanging interactive toys will intrigue your kittens to climb these posts. Kittens want toys that don’t shift or collapse when they jump and interact with the post. Another great tip is to start rewarding appropriate behavior, as it alters how they interact with the scratching posts.

Discourage inappropriate scratching

You can start off by covering the items you don’t want to be scratched. Plastic sheets, sandpaper, aluminum sheets, and yupo papers do the trick. Place undesirable items near the places you don’t want to be scratched, we encourage users’ discretion and research when working with odors or unpleasant smells.

Don’t declaw your cats.

Regularly trimming your kitty claws is an excellent alternative to declawing your cat’s claws. Declawing is often chronically painful and could lead to behavioral changes. Kitten wellness plans cover your trimming and grooming needs.

Pet Wellness Plans with Grooming

Wagmo offers the most accessible cat wellness plans, which cover regular nail trims, gland expressions, hair trims, and other essential grooming. As a company with the best kitten wellness plans, we keep your furball healthy and happy. Our basic plan covers routine exams, vaccines, and even grooming, starting from just $20/month.  

Get a quote in less than a minute today if you’d like to also include pet insurance to your wellness plan!