No pet wellness plan is complete without an appropriate grooming plan. If you’re a new pet parent navigating bath time with your pet or already have the hang of it, this blog is an excellent refresher on why bathing your pets is great for their health. A warm bath is always a treat for your dog, especially if they are a big breed that likes to get dirty. On the flipside, if you are a cat parent, you’ll rarely have to run your kitten a bath and this might not be as enjoyable for them.

Unfortunately, no one rule fits all pet wellness plans. The bathing needs of your pet depend on the breed, lifestyle, and the coat type of your pet. As you plan your pet’s grooming needs, we recommend considering the benefits of a pet wellness plan to make it easier for you and your pet!

Why Baths Are Important

  • Give your pup a softer and cleaner coat: Bathing keeps your pet’s fur moisturized, healthy, and smelling great. Bathing your pet removes trapped dirt and odors, keeping you, your belongings and your pet clean.
  • A great bonding time between you and your pet: Similar to how showers are relaxing for humans, baths can be relieving and therapeutic for your pet if you give them lots of care, treats, and talk them through the experience. Dogs are relaxed by repetitive motions and majorly enjoy the stimulation of their coat by being brushed or bathed.
  • Reduces Shedding: Regular brushing and bathing reduce shedding drastically.
  • Reduces Inflammation: Bathing is a great way to reduce infection or skin inflammation. From medicated shampoos to natural treatments provided by professional grooming services, these are some of the preferred ways to keep your pet’s skin healthier and aid with skin irritations.
  • Relieves allergies for both you and your pet: Their fur traps dirt, dust, and various other allergens that oftentimes result in infection or extreme itchy discomfort. Regular baths reduce pet dander, ensuring a clean environment for everyone.  Plus medicated shampoos provided by your vet can help alleviate itchiness on the skin due to allergies or contact dermatitis.

Want some hacks to simplify your next bath time? Here are some tips that work wonders! Plus  Wagmo’s wellness plans cover grooming, so you don't have to worry about the costs and stay on a consistent routine.

How Often Do My Pets Need A Bath?

Bath time with your pet is a great way to check their teeth, eyes, nose, and nails and help quickly get rid of eye gunk and freshen up their face as well. Regular baths for your dog keep their coats shiny, smelling great, and keeps their skin healthy of any contact dermatitis, fleas and allergens. If your dog has a highly active lifestyle and loves the outdoors, you’ll have to bathe them as often as they get ‘dirty.’ Running through dirt, spending your day in mud, and rolling around in the grass is one of the few contributing factors to your pet trapping dirt in their coats. If your dog’s skin has any infections or allergic reactions requiring a medicated shampoo, bathe them as often as your vet recommends, typically twice a week.

Since there is no one rule, an easy way to decide how often you should bathe your pet depends on the coat length. Longer to medium coat dogs like Golden Retrievers can be bathed as often as every other week and up to four to six weeks.

Whereas dogs with a double coat like a German Shepherds may only need a bath once every 2-3 months, and a chihuahua or short coat dog might only need a bath every 8 months. It’s always best to consult with your vet or professional groomers to ensure you don't over bathe your dog. This can lead to excessive shedding and stripping of their natural oils. A great alternative to constant shampooing would be brushing in between baths!

Want a second opinion based on your specific pet?  Ask these questions on your next routine visit to the vet and get covered under our dog wellness plans.

If you’re an indoor cat parent, there is a low chance that you’ll have to run them a bath unless they get covered in mud or sprayed by a skunk. Cats have everything they need to remain clean throughout their lives, and do not generally require bathing with water and shampoo.  

Although a great way to clean your cat or kitten would be to keep up with routine grooming such as brushing through their fur. This is especially necessary for long-fur coats and matted knots. In some instances, such as your kitten being unwell with diarrhea or being covered in dirt- a bath can help. Cat wellness plans help you understand your kitty’s grooming needs in detail. Visit your nearest grooming facility for a personalized consultation.

Get Professional Grooming

With Wagmo’s pet wellness plans grooming your pet has become a breeze. Whether you’re a parent to a cat, long or short coat dog, our pet wellness plans cover standard wash, nail trimming, and even gland expressions.  

Gone are the days of getting pet insurance that doesn’t cover everything you need to keep your pet healthy. What sets us apart is that we don’t believe in tying you down to a particular groomer for our benefit, at Wagmo we encourage supporting local businesses. Your trips to the Vet and professional grooming services have become more accessible, including coverage for telemedicine.

Plus! Filing a claim has never been easier. Unlike others that take weeks or months to reimburse your wellness expenses, Wagmo offers the fastest reimbursement in the pet industry. File a claim and get reimbursed within 24 hours.

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