Thousands of homes across the country consider adopting an animal each day. So what's holding them back? The cost of health care, potential destructive behavior, or maybe excessive shedding? There is an animal for every home, every budget, and every requirement.

Not only does an animal provide another source of love and companionship. They have all sorts of benefits that can bring nothing but happiness to your home. Here are some of the top reasons why you should adopt a pet.

Mental Health Benefits

Millions of people all over the globe suffer from some form of mental illness. Whether it be anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders, animals have been known to help improve symptoms. Cats and dogs promote feelings of joy, and a sense of calmness for those even suffering from PTSD and high levels of daily stresses.

Dogs require a regular schedule. So if you’re depressed, having a dog to love and care for can help get you out of bed.

Touch also helps to increase oxytocin levels and reduces cortisol, which is one of the main stress-related hormones. Petting and cuddling your animal, or even just the purring sounds of your cat can help calm you down and offer a soothing effect.

Another main reason people with mental health love having an animal is because they can help to get them out of the house and be more social. Bringing your dog to the dog park can spark friendships with other dog owners. Dog’s make best friends at the dog park all the time bringing humans together. Socializing alone is an awesome way to reduce the feeling of depression.

Great For Families

Animals teach both adults and kids a lot. Instead of worrying that a dog or cat will be too much work, use this as a teaching opportunity for your children. Get them that puppy that they’ve been begging and let it show them what responsibility looks like.

Your kids can help set and stick to a routine with their animals. Feeding routine, litter box routine, and of course walking the dog and picking up their poop. They will also learn how to set and respect boundaries with animals. How to pet them nicely and interacting with a common sense of respect.

Most of all, it shows them how caring for another living being can be extremely rewarding. A lot of children build bonds with animals that are able to help them cope with life and get through whatever life throws their way.

Promote Active Lifestyles

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog it is important to consider their exercise requirements. A lot of breeds, especially puppies, need a lot of exercise to stay happy and healthy. They also need to run off all that pent-up puppy energy. Lots of exercises can also help with training and reduce your puppy’s desire to destroy different items around your home.

If you're looking to add more daily exercise into your routine a dog can be perfect for that as long as you and your family members can adapt to a new active lifestyle. It is common for new pet owners to shed a few extra pounds as they’ve added additional exercise to their routine with the addition of a new active dog or puppy.

It’s important to talk to your vet to make sure you’re not overdoing it or undergoing it in the exercise department, but most dogs adore activity. Considering a pet wellness plan or other pet health insurance plans might be a good idea if you plan on continuing to live an active lifestyle or go on frequent adventures. Wagmo plans are designed to help with a variety of common pet insurance plans such as accidents and illnesses, teeth cleaning, heartworm prevention, blood tests, and other common vet bills.

With a little bit of research, you can find a dog that’s activity levels match up with your lifestyle. Whether you climb mountains on the weekends, or just stroll around the block and enjoy couch time, there is an animal out there waiting to be adopted and join you!

Offer A Sense Of Purpose

As some of us age, we begin to lose some of the obligations we used to have, and find ourselves with more downtime. This can be a big transitional period, especially when you go from working every day to retirement.

Adopting an animal and becoming pet parents is a great option for older adults as it helps them feel needed and gives you a routine and sense of purpose that an adult dog or young dog will be dependent on your pet care quality. Since pets need consistent food, water, care, exercise, and love, it can renew a person’s sense of purpose and help jump start a new healthy routine. Adopting a senior pet is always a great option for retirees as they typically share similar activity levels.

Adoption Is For Everyone

So many people worry that adopting an animal can be too difficult or too expensive. When really it is just a lot of extra love and fun added to a home. There are some things you need to know before adopting an animal, but you won’t regret it.

Reduce the stress of adoption by offering yourself peace of mind with pet insurance coverage. If something happens you have pet insurance that can cover it. If you adopt a puppy and kitten they will also require vaccinations that our pet wellness plans can help cover.

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