Play is vital for keeping new kittens healthy and engaged. It's also one of the best reasons to get a kitten! If you're a first-time kitten owner, you might not know the importance of exercise, or what kinds of fun activities you can do with your kitten.

If you're a Wagmo Wellness Plan member, we know you care deeply about your puppies and kittens. Here we'll discuss how new pet owners can have fun with their kittens and keep them active at the same time.

Importance of activity for kittens

When it comes to kittens and even older cats, activity is essential for two major reasons. The first is exercise. While obesity might not be a worry for many kittens, it can be for older cats. Getting kittens into the habit of being active will help them develop good habits for when they are adults.

Exercise will help kittens develop the muscles they need when they grow up. It can also lower the risk of conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes when they get older.

Being active keeps kittens engaged. Boredom can be one of the most overlooked origins of behavioral problems in young cats. However, bored kittens can grow up into cats with a variety of behavioral issues. These include urine spraying, destructive urges, or aggressive scratching.

Playing with your kitten is also important in that it helps them bond with you. Similarly, if you want your kitten to socialize faster with a friend or family member, play is the way to go.

Fun indoor activities with kittens

Rod toys

Why get complicated with activities for kitten wellness when you can go with a classic? Rod toys are perfect for kitten owners. They allow for active play for small cats, while not demanding much from the owner. They're also great for kittens just starting to be socialized. They provide a level of distance from the cat that keeps them comfortable.

Laser pointer

When kittens get bigger and a little more active, you can go for harder workouts. Of course, you might not be into a workout yourself. Enter the humble laser pointer. Since the dot moves so fast, you can easily get your cat sprinting around the room from the comfort of your couch.

Toys and water

It's often assumed kittens hate water. While it's true most felines don't appreciate getting their fur all wet, many cats are fascinated by the movement of water. If you've watched a kitten bat at a running faucet, you've seen this in action.

If you want a more low-key activity, float some ping-pong balls in a bowl of water. Or, better yet, find a floating toy and put a cat treat on it. Then watch your fascinated kitten try to reach the food. If your kitten is tired of running around, this is a fun way to decompress.

Cat tree

Of course, you don't need to be present for every activity your cat is involved in. Sometimes, it's alright to let your cat play on its own. However, you can still do your part by giving them a great environment to play in. Cat trees make a home more kitten-play friendly.

Remember, you can also make some fun kitten environments. Kittens love to play around with boxes, especially if you hide treats in a few of them.

Fun outdoor activities with kittens

Treasure hunting

If you'd like to have fun with your kitten in the backyard, little is more engaging for both of you than a treasure hunt. If your cat is just getting used to the backyard, this is a great way to get them used to the space. Hide some treats around the backyard and let your cat enjoy stalking them.

You can slowly expand the range of where you plant the treats to increase the challenge. If your cat is shy about exploring the backyard, set up some boxes or other hiding spots with treats inside to give them a place to relax.

Obstacle courses

Once your kitten is comfortable in the backyard, they may be ready for some more intense play. The backyard can be a good place for this, as opposed to indoors, where they could end up knocking things over. By putting out some simple ramps and boxes, you can let your kitten let out all their energy.

Kittens on wheels

You might have seen a growing trend on social media of cats on skateboards. Turns out cats enjoy rolling around. Let them experiment with moving platforms in your backyard. You can attach a string to a skateboard and put a treat on it to play a little fun "keep away" with your kitten.

Leash walking

Leashes and walking aren't just for dogs! If you want to get your kitten outside of the backyard, you can use a harness and leash to take them around the neighborhood. This is an activity you need to prepare carefully, but it can be a good way to explore with your kitten.

First, make sure your kitten is comfortable with a harness. Before you start taking your kitten on walks, let them wear the harness at home to get used to it. Then you can go for some practice walks around the backyard. Soon your kitten will be ready to explore the wonderful world of the outdoor neighborhood!

Kitten wellness plan

Tired after all these fun activities for kitten wellness? Trying to set up a kitten wellness plan might feel like quite a chore. However, with Wagmo wellness plans getting your kitten covered is easy. Submitting a claim takes a few minutes, and you get a response faster than a pouncing kitten. It's that simple.