It's time to get healthier! We've partnered up with our friends at Goodboy to compile a list of our top 5 ways to keep you and your pup healthy! Goodboy offers supplement plans that best suits your dog's individual needs.

Did someone say celery juice? I’m only supposed to eat between the hours of 12-8? Keto? Paleo? Peleton? Tabata? But wait, don’t forget about Fido!

From diet trends to new cutting edge exercise regimes, making the choice to live a healthier lifestyle {for yourself and your pup!} can be exhausting long before you click that first foot into your fancy new stationary bike. When it comes to your health, what better way to get started than strapping up your canine companion and hitting the pavement {or the couch, but we’ll get to that later}?

Making sure that Fido gets taken care of too!
Making sure that Fido gets taken care of too!

1. Take your dog to work

It seems like dogs are playing a big role in job happiness as companies adopt the idea of dog-friendly workplaces. Studies have shown that dogs provide an extra layer of comfort in the workspace and help facilitate collaboration between teams and co-workers that would otherwise remain confined to their own cubicles. Dogs are also shown to reduce stress and anxiety in sometimes tense work environments. So bring your pup to work- they’ll get the stimulation and socialization they need and you’ll get the simple relief of knowing they aren’t home alone all day. It’s a win win! Cute dogs bringing people together? Imagine that.

2. Weekends aren't just for adults

Heading out to a brewery or a festival in your neighborhood? Bring Fido along for the adventure! Many events like these are dog friendly, some are even centered around your pup. For example, take the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City. Referred to as “the largest dog costume parade in the world” by CNN, this pawty takes place every year on one Saturday afternoon in late October. Puppers can compete in the costume contest or simply come and hang out with their furry friends for a spooky good time. Just make sure they don't pick up any stray chocolate trick-or-treat candy off the ground, that could cause trouble! Prioritizing these unique experiences are good for your mind, body, and soul- plus the quality time with your pup is an added bonus!

3. Netflix and chill

You may not be burning as many calories, but cueing up Netflix with your pooch can get all those good feels a’flowing. With dog specific programming on the rise, owners are investing in alternative ways to entertain their pups while away. For example, streaming services like DogTV, which provide specialized content geared towards your pup! But what about when you are there? Netflix recently conducted a survey of its users and found that 84% of people love binge-watching shows with their pups. Research doesn’t lie, so grab a blanket and hit the sofa for some quality one-on-one time with your doggo!

4. Get outdoors

Exercising with your pup makes those days when all you want to do is be a couch potato way more enjoyable! Besides getting you off the couch, the benefits extend to your pup as well. This companionship can help relieve stress, take in some needed vitamin D, improve the health of your pup and get you out of that dark gym! If you are not a marathon runner, even a nice stroll to the dog park can help. We found that going to an empty park field and getting in some sprints is a great way to complete your workout quickly. Imagine your pup’s excitement when you race him/her from one end of the park to another. Both of you will be having so much fun, you might even forget that this is considered “exercise.”

5. Dog friendly staycation

We are firm believers that everyone needs some quality R&R time! But having a pup makes traveling a little more difficult. Plus, who wants to go on a vacation without their best friend? You don’t always need to leave the city to have a high quality vacation!

Why not have a well deserved spa day for both you and your pup. Studies have shown that getting a massage for your dog offers some of the same benefits as they do for humans: improved blood circulation, decreased stress and loosened up muscles. This is especially great for senior dogs who may need a little extra TLC. Check your city for local offerings, sit back and relax!

Wellness has become front and center for humans and we believe that this concern for health should extend to our pets as well. We hope that these tips and tricks can help in keeping both you and your pet happy and healthy!

About Our Partner, Goodboy

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