There are so many ways to incorporate physical exercise into our dog's routine. Every dog requires a different amount of physical activity per day so why not mix it up every once in a while to keep your dog not only physically active but also mentally. Our dogs love to have fun and try new things, plus some of these exercises won’t make you have to go on a winter walk when it’s cold outside.

Hide & Seek

Playing hide and seek with our dogs sounds like a bit of an advanced concept, but it is possible. Instead of you or the dog hiding, you can hide treats and have them find it. Once you begin to help them find treats they will in time get the hang of it and understand the reward of this fun mental game.

Eventually, you can even hide with some treats and have the dog seek you out! Your dog searching around the house for treats is great for mental and physical stimulation. Some dog breeds love to hunt or scavenge so this exercise can be extra rewarding for them. Once the weather warms up you can begin to play hide and seek with your dog out in the yard. This is a unique way to help your dog get some exercise compared to just a typical walk.

Be careful though sometimes when our dogs go digging around in the yard they can stir up fleas and ticks. When you get set up with a pet wellness plan your dog's flea and tick healthcare is covered so you can rest easy while enjoying fun outdoor games. If your dog has some sort of allergic reaction or accident in the backyard, pet insurance for dogs can ensure that they can be treated in an emergency without the unexpected financial worry.

Tug of War

When you and your dog are stuck indoors during a blizzard, or they have a late-night burst of energy, tug of war is an excellent option. This game is simple and doesn’t require a lot of space. Grab one of your pup's favorite toys and begin to play with them. You will often be shocked how quickly a tug of war battle tires your dog out.

Playing with your dog like this is also great for building a bond and is a fun experience for you and your dog. Be careful not to use toys that might damage your dog’s teeth, or too much force if you have smaller dog breed. A pet wellness plan has dental options available that are perfect for ensuring either way, the ongoing health of our dog's teeth.

Create Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are perfect for snow days when you want to be active indoors, or for agility training. If you are training your dog, obstacle courses can really get their brains working. Having them super engaged in following your directions and with your assistance will help them better understand the course. Whether this is just for fun, or a training exercise, your dog is automatically burning all of its pent-up energy. Once they get the hang of your obstacle course you can make a new one, or if they are exhausted, enjoy a snow day cuddle.

Accidents happen no matter how safe you make your obstacle course. For peace of mind, Wagmo’s pet insurance for dogs can ensure that any accident is covered and can be treated right away. Pet insurance for dogs covers emergency injuries and illness coverage that includes certain diagnostics, prescription medication, hospital stays, pet ambulance costs, and much more.

Treat-Dispensing Toys

Treat-dispensing toys are more of a brain exercise than physical activity, but you would be surprised how long they can keep our dogs entertained. There are so many different treat dispensing toys that you can stuff with treats. It is then the dog's job to free all of the treats. There are some easy ones and more advanced ones. This is a great option for when you are going to be out of the house and want to offer your dog a distraction and a reward.

If you are heading out of the house and often supply your dog with a treat-dispensing toy to distract them, there are dental treats that are yummy and good for them. Our dog's dental health is linked to their overall health as a disease can enter through damaged gums. This is one of the reasons why pet wellness plans that cover dental are important to look out for. You can enjoy your dogs' pearly whites and fresh breath while breathing easy knowing that their gum and teeth health is being kept up on a routine basis.

Training Sessions

Training with your dog is always a great form of exercise because the two go hand in hand. Training is both great for our dog's brains and their bodies. Teaching your dog new tricks and commands is also super fun for both of you while being a great bonding experience. If you’re going to begin training your dog as a part of their daily routine, start off with something simple like sit and stay. Once your dog has a hang of those commands you can move on to more advanced training like roll over, and high five. Training with your dog can be great for rainy days as it does not require a lot of space. Training your dog in the living room can tire them out while keeping them nice and cozy.

While training your dog at home is a great activity, enrolling them in training and obedience courses is also recommended. Before you head to a training course, it's vital to ensure that your dog has received all of its necessary vaccinations. Wagmo pet wellness plans cover up to 4 vaccinations each year ensuring the ongoing health of your pup as they age.

Pet Wellness Plans & Pet Insurance For Dogs

While we do everything in our power to prevent injury and illness for our pets, sometimes these accidents are out of our hands. Pet parents should never have to choose between their animals or a massive invoice.

This is why we offer a range of pet wellness plans and pet insurance for dogs. You can customize your Wagmo coverage to fit your dog's needs and your budget. Take our Wagmo coverage quiz to obtain your free quote and to customize your pet’s coverage plan.