Keeping fido cool during the hottest of days
Keeping fido cool during the hottest of days

Summer is finally here! It’s that time of the year to enjoy the sun with your four legged friend(s) and make sure they're protected in the heat.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when you’re outdoors this summer:

1. Keep them hydrated: Hydration is extremely important. Make sure to keep water on hand when outdoors along with a portable bowl and offer water to your dogs at regular intervals.

2. Don’t shave their coat! It may seem like the right thing to do but depending on the breed of the dog, you could be doing your four legged friend a disservice and cause lasting damage. Your dog's fur coat acts as insulation, it keeps them warm during the colder months but also keeps them cool during warmer months.

Many short haired breeds can be shaved without a problem, but there are still risks and it is best not to perform at home. Long haired breeds with double coats should never be shaved because of the problems that can result from damaging their intricately balanced coats.

It’s best to get advice on trimming from a professional and reputable groomer (plus, with our wellness plan you can add on our grooming option to get fully reimbursed!)

3. Know the signs of heatstroke in dogs: Heatstroke is a serious problem and it’s important to know the signs, especially if your dog is young, old or has health problems. Here are some common signs:

• Excessive panting and salivating

• Obvious discomfort

• Vomiting and diarrhea

• Disorientation

• Seizures

If you notice any of these signs be sure to move your dog to a cooler environment right away and call your veterinarian.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind when you and your furry friend are enjoying the amazing weather :).